The Best Hiking Routes in UK – A Brief Description

 Are you a hiker? Do you like to sail through the beauty of nature? If that’s what you want and if you desire for, more, than U.K would be the perfect place for you. There are some fantastic hiking routes in the U.K. which have attracted hikers from all over the world. These routes are full of adventures unlimited spectacles of natural beauty. In the following section of this article, you will get detailed information about some of best locations for hiking in the UK. These are some of the most popular hiking routes in the country and are being walked over by thousands of hiker every year.

Talking about the top 5 locations and tips for hiking in the UK, these are the ones which would appear at the top of the list:

1.Hadrian’s Wall Path

wall_path_map_lgThis hiking route covers a distance of 84 miles. It extends from the Newcastle suburbs to the Solway Firth. This is the most appealing long distance hiking routes in England, Northern England to be precise. You will come across the remains of Roman occupation in England. This route is filled with forts and other monuments. Not to mention its striking natural beauty.

2.The Coast to Coast Walk


This hiking route is 182 miles long and it takes nearly two weeks to complete the entire hike. It is located in Northern England. The hike starts from St Bees in Cumbria and ends at Robin Hood’s Bay in North Yorkshire. On the way, you will cross over three National Parks, which are the Yorkshire Dales, the North Yorkshire Moors and the Lake District. This path happens to be one of the most popular hiking routes in the UK.

3.The West Highland Way


This path is 96 miles long and it takes eight to 10 days to complete the entire route. On the way, you will come across Rannoch Moor, Glen Coe and Loch Lomond. This incredible route extends from Milngavie, which is located on the outskirts of Glasgow to Fort William. While hiking through this route you will cross over some of the most remote parts in the entire UK. The mountains of the Western Highlands will inspire you with their might.

4.Thames Path


Thames Path is a 184 mile long hiking route and it takes nearly 2 weeks to complete the entire hike. If you hike through this route, then you will be following the Thames from its point of origin. This path stretches from the Thames barrier in Charlton, London to the Kemble in Gloucestershire. It is a fairly easy and comfortable hike. The path is easy and flat.


5.Glyndwr’s Way


This is a 135 mile long hiking route Knighton, which is located on the English border till Montgomeryshire Canal in Welshpool. This route was named after the last Prince of Wales, Owain Glyndwr. Through this route you pass by the Cambrian Mountains, a trek to Machynlleth and Llyn Clywed.

Tips to Hike in these Places

If you are planning to hike through one of these routes, then you won’t require any special gear or equipment. However, some of these routes take more than a week to cover. So make sure that you have sufficient resources to feed yourself along with other necessities.

These are the top 5 locations and tips for hiking in the UK. If you are a hiker and willing to experience something you haven’t done yet, then you simply cannot afford to miss out on these great hiking routes.

How Kayaking Can Improve Your Fitness

Kayaking is a great all round fitness builder. It requires strength in the upper body, particularly the shoulders and core and is also great for cardiovascular fitness. Kayaking, which also includes the various forms of canoeing is an activity that requires stamina in the upper body.

If you want to stay fit and be in great shape, it is important to focus on core strength. The core muscles of your body play a central role in maintaining balance, supporting your weight, and providing needed support for your arms and legs.

To get in good shape, you therefore need to focus on strengthening your core. However, this does not have to mean just doing sit-up after sit-up for hours on end. There are all sorts of activities that you can do to strengthen these muscles, and one of the most enjoyable is kayaking.

core musclesYour core muscles are the muscles between your hips and your ribs. Virtually everything that you do involves these muscles, so keeping them strong is vital, especially as you get older. If your core is weak, you are at greater risk of injury, even in parts of your body that are far away from it.

When you go kayaking, most of the energy for paddling comes from your core muscles. If you are just using your arms, you are not getting enough power. The proper technique involves using your core muscles, so every time that you are out on the water, you are giving these a great workout.

Kayaking can burn quite a few calories, so it is a great activity if you want to lose weight. You will start to notice a real difference after you have been doing this regularly for a few weeks. While it is quite an energetic activity, it is also fairly low-impact on your body.

In addition, you get to be outside, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. This is good for your mood and your mental health. As you can see, there are many ways in which kayaking can help you stay fit.